"The band seemed to draw energy directly from the bright lights shining from above in some kind of photosynthetic ecstasy. Above a relentlessly pounded high hat and driving bass fluttered guitar licks straight out of another era as the vocalist strutted across the stage, pulling the microphone stand around with him as if it were connected to the floor by a spring, now leaning out into the crowd with a wild, wide-eyed expression, then turning to face the drummer as if that audience were not even there. It was my first time seeing Minerva, Ohio’s White Buffalo Woman and the level of showmanship was impressive..." - Jason D. Hamad - No Depression 2018

"A rock band from rural Stark County is touring the Midwest after releasing its latest album. For this week’s Shuffle, WKSU contributor Brittany Nader talked with the lead singer of White Buffalo Woman, Evan Rutledge, about the small-town band from Minerva that’s building a following.White Buffalo Woman's Evan Rutledge on the band's new album and upcoming tour.
Most bands make their debuts in front of a live audience. White Buffalo Woman’s first chords fell on dead ears.“We wrote the majority of our first album in the basement of a funeral home,” Rutledge said.'We'll always be the band from Minerva, Ohio.'It was a family-run funeral home, owned by drummer Joe Wales’ parents. The nascent band jammed and skateboarded in the parking lot between calling hours and funeral services. At least one song on that first album, titled “Bones,” was directly inspired by the group’s macabre practice space.“We don’t play that one anymore,” Rutledge laughed...:" Brittany Nadar & Philip de Oliveira - WKSU NPR 2018

"White Buffalo Woman’s second album finally is here, and the band members are eager to take it on the road. Titled “Foolish Heart,” the 10-song collection is not a big departure from the Minerva-based rock ‘n’ roll band’s self-titled debut, released in late 2015. But it does benefit from a more cohesive sound. “I feel like our music has evolved a ton,” drummer Joe Wales said. “We’re better at getting the sound that we have in our minds. I feel the songwriting is a lot stronger. The production gets better as we get more experience with recording. I think we’re more comfortable with experimenting.”The band’s first album, which contains such WBW live staples as “Find My Love” and “Baby Please,” collected songs spanning several years that were recorded at different times. By comparison, the songs on “Foolish Heart” were written on an actual deadline with an album release planned." - Dan Kane - Canton Repository 2018

"Let’s face it, it’s becoming more and more difficult to do something new with the blues. After all, it’s a genre that’s been around since at least the early 1900s, probably much longer. The roots go deep, but perhaps the tree can grow no more. Even so, blues endures. Just as its originators meant it to. It endured here in Indianapolis on March 7th, when White Buffalo Woman performed at the Melody Inn. The result was a rousing performance that kept the music in the proper spirit..." - Jonathan Callahan - The Lemonwire 2018

"White Buffalo Woman is a rock band hailing from Canton, Ohio. One listen to Love Resolution and you can feel so many tasty flavors from blues rock to surf punk flavors shifting in and out of the groove dug deep by Alex Leggett's walking basslines and Joe Wales' snap heavy drums. Adam Murphy and Devin Bezeredi on guitars make deliciously potent sounds that are at one biting and clean. Evan Rutledge's melodic vocal performance has grit built in. Their aesthetic of stirring blues rock, soul, psyche and punk tone all together makes their sound cool and wonderful trip. They just released their full length second album "Foolish Hearts" up on Bandcamp. Check it out after you see the official video for Love Resolution below (DO NOT MISS the track King of Your World)." - Robb -American Pancake 2018

“White Buffalo Woman is carving a niche for itself in the Northeast Ohio scene, with a sound that can veer from ’60s garage-rock to soul, blues to punk, R&B to psychedelic in the space of a single bar set. –About Magazine – July 2016

“The band performs with plenty of swagger on the album. A plodding ballad like “Baby Please” features woozy vocals that would make Mick Jagger proud, and “You Will See” features a nasty mid-song guitar solo that nicely accompanies Rutledge’s enthusiastic yelps. Though retro-leaning, the songs sound as contemporary as anything by Cage the Elephant or the Black Keys.” -Jeff Niesel – Cleveland Scene – July 2016

“Fans of blues-centered rock and roll will immediately catch the grooves White Buffalo Woman are laying down.  They throw some vintage soul and r&b into the mix and even sprinkle on a bit of power pop for your sweet tooth.  There’s never been a gimmick with WBW.  They write rock and roll songs and they’re pretty damn good at it.  Hop on the train now before you’re left in the dust.” –David Hampton – – May 2016

“This sublime debut album from hungry young Minerva band White Buffalo Woman got them airplay on Little Steven’s “Underground Garage” on SiriusXM and a thumbs-up from J. Geils frontman singer Peter Wolf. Contents veer from organ-laced garage rock to Southern-fried soul to uncannily Stonesy, all great fun.” –Dan Kane – Canton Repository – December 2015

“The Canton-area band has created a record that’s full of soulful tunes like the R&B-infused tearjerker “Always on My Mind” and latest single “Find My Love,” an organ and rhythm guitar driven rocker that sounds like a lost J. Geils Band hit. In short, White Buffalo Woman has the chops to propel the band into the same rare air that produced fellow Northeast Ohio acts like Boz Scaggs, Chrissie Hynde, the O’Jays, Devo and Dave Grohl. – Kevin Wierzbicki – AXS – January 2016

“On the basis of White Buffalo Woman’s new EP and previous vinyl 45 — rootsy meldings of garage rock, blues and Memphis-style soul — the band is the Canton area’s answer to Kings of Leon.” – Dan Kane – Canton Repository – March 2013